Disney Attraction Examination: Pirates of the Caribbean

Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirates Life For Me is a Disney World staple, but would you believe me if I told you it was originally meant to be left out of the parks in Orlando altogether? When Walt Disney World opened in 1971 the park was a huge success as people from all over […]

Special Events Review: Keys to the Kingdom Tour

Okay, So first I want to say that I am gonna give away some details of the tour, so if you are taking the tour and want it all to be a surprise you may not want to read on.. But if you want to know all about the Keys to the Kingdom tour here […]

Festival of Fantasy Parade Review

The Festival of Fantasy Parade is the new 3 o’clock parade at the Magic Kingdom. Festival of Fantasy has replaced the Celebrate a Dream Come True parade which began January 23rd, 2009. The parade as a whole is very upbeat and the music is extremely catchy…good luck getting it out of your head! (Away we […]

Disney Attraction Examination: Space Mountain

After the success of the Matterhorn Bobsled’s Disneyland in 1959, Walt Disney thought that the next attraction to utilize the tubular steel track should be a space themed roller coaster. “Space Voyage” would be the focal point of the new re-imagined Tomorrowland at Disneyland. Concept art was drawn up by George McGinnis, Herb Ryman, Clem […]