Disney Attraction Examination: Expedition Everest

During the early days of Animal Kingdom’s existence there was always a feeling that the park needed more thrills. During an event to commemorate the 5 year anniversary of Animal Kingdom the 18th Disney Mountain was announced to add thrill to the young park. The 18th mountain would be Expedition Everest, a journey through the Forbidden […]

“Rivers of Light” to be New Nighttime Show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney announced yesterday that the new Nighttime Spectacular to come to Animal Kingdom will be the “Rivers of Light” show. The show will combine live music with floating lanterns water screens with “swirling animal imagery”. The show will take place in Discovery River between Discovery Island and Expedition Everest, making it the perfect location for […]

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Much More Than a Half Day Park

Disney’s Animal Kingdom seems to have the reputation of being a “half day” theme park. To that I say phooey!! Just because there isn’t E-Ticket attractions every where you turn doesn’t mean there isn’t enough to occupy you for a full day. In fact I would argue that since the hours are shorter at Animal […]