A Day at Disney Without the Parks

Don’t get me wrong the 4 Walt Disney World Resort Theme Parks are absolutely incredible, but the Resort is more than just the parks, and this is why we come back time and time again. Have you ever taken a full day of your Disney trip and decided to explore some of what the Resort has to offer without even stepping foot in a park? We have begun to do this on a regular basis because even for people who have been to Disney hundreds of times haven’t done it all. I’m going to share with you all one of our recent days at Disney where we literally never stepped foot in a park.

We were staying at the Dolphin and decided to relax in the morning and head over to the Yacht Club for

Fantasia Fairways is something we just have to do everytime...sometimes more than once

Fantasia Fairways is something we just have to do everytime…sometimes more than once

Breakfast at Captain’s Grille. Captain’s Grille is a favorite of our for breakfast because of the laid back, quiet atmosphere and they also have some killer omelets! After breakfast we headed back to our room and got ready for a day that we had no idea what we were going to do. We made Fastpass reservations for the evening at Magic Kingdom, just incase we decided to head over for a few hours (also one of the reasons I really do not like Fastpass+ because it kills all spontaneity but that is for another post). We got our car from valet and as we were driving out we decided to play a round of mini-golf at Fantasia Gardens Fairways Course, our absolute favorite and a must do for us on almost every trip, and a great way to break up a day at the parks.

What a view from our Sea Raycer of Space Mountain and Cinderella Castle

What a view from our Sea Raycer of Space Mountain and Cinderella Castle

After we finished our round at Fantasia Gardens we headed towards Magic Kingdom and decided to park at the Grand Floridian and maybe wander around the resort for a bit. When we finally got a view of the Seven Seas Lagoon we saw people having a blast in their Sea Raycers and headed straight for the Marina to rent a boat of our own. The prices were very reasonable as well, for $20 each we got a boat for the two of us and headed out for a great time on the water. The Sea Raycers allowed us to get some very unique views of Magic Kingdom, the Contemporary, Bay Lake Tower, the Polynesian, the Grand Floridian, Fort Wilderness, Wilderness Lodge, and best of all some cool close ups of the old River Country and Discovery Island areas. For anyone who hasn’t done this yet, do it!

The Famous Lapu Lapu at the Polynesian's Tambu Lounge!!!!

The Famous Lapu Lapu at the Polynesian’s Tambu Lounge!!!!

Once our hour was complete we reluctantly had to return our boat but we were on our way to more fun. After Mini-Golf and renting a boat we decided it was time to walk the beach path over to the Polynesian and get ourselves a Lapu Lapu! The Lapu Lapu is a must do Disney drink, but we found ourselves getting hungry and the kitchen wasn’t quite open yet at the Tambu Lounge. So we decided to catch a boat to Wilderness Lodge and grab some appetizers at Territory Lounge, again one of the best lounges anywhere at Disney. After making the long journey over to the

Wishes from the Beach at the Polynesian...WOW

Wishes from the Beach at the Polynesian…WOW

Wilderness Lounge we decided to get the fondue and a few glasses of wine from a much bigger wine list than your normal WDW lounge. The Fondue is to die for and a tremendous value 11 bucks for a huge bowl of cheese and they will bring you as much bread and fruit as you like! We roamed around the Lodge for a while then decided to head back to the Polynesian for some Sushi and wind down for the night with some tropical drinks. We both decided to try some other drinks and we each got a couple of Sushi Rolls and hung out in the Polynesian lobby as the day came to a close. Once night fell and the castle lit up we went out to the beach to watch the Electrical Water Pageant, catch a movie under the stars, and of course watch Wishes! Watching Wishes on the Beach at the Polynesian is a very unique experience and maybe the best spot to catch the fireworks this side of the California Grill.

Next time you are in Disney World take a day to just explore what else is out there. Check out our Top 5 things to do outside of the Disney Parks and share some of your Disney memories outside of the parks.

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River Country!

River Country!

Discovery Island

Discovery Island

Great view of the Wedding Pavilion

Great view of the Wedding Pavilion

Us ready to take off in our SeaRaycer

Us ready to take off in our SeaRaycer

2 thoughts on “A Day at Disney Without the Parks

  1. I absolutely love renting the boats out on the lagoon, and I’ve also played the mini golf while visiting too. It’s nice to still have that “Disney magic” while taking a breather from the crowded parks. It amazes me when people tell me that they had no idea you could do either of those things!

    • Agree 100% even if you stay at a moderate resort like Port Orleans you can go fishing, take a horse carriage ride, rent a boat, rent surrey bikes, go swimming. It’s kinda sad when people only think it’s about the parks to me really. The parks are great but its that total ability to escape when you’re on property that makes it what it is.

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