Disney Dining Review: San Angel Inn Restaurante

Our next stop in our Disney Dining Review series is going to be in the Mexico pavilion in Epcot. Again we will review and score the restaurant on 5 categories. So if you haven’t figured it out yet, we LOVE mexican! Mexican drinks, Mexican food, we love it all. So for Kyle’s birthday in 2013 we chose to have dinner inside the pyramid at San Angel Inn in Mexico!



Inside the pyramid it's always a night under the stars!

Inside the pyramid it’s always a night under the stars!

San Angel is such a beautiful restaurant on the Disney property! Everywhere in Disney the idea is to truly transport you to that place, and I don’t think anywhere executes this better than the pyramid in Mexico! You can walk in at 5pm when the sun is still bright and shining in the Florida sky, and suddenly you are under the night-sky in a lively Mexican village filled with hanging lanterns, boat rides on the river, and a bustling marketplace in the center of the pyramid. San Angel Inn is located at the far back of the pyramid on the water where you can look over the active volcano over the river! We were lucky enough to be seated on the water which definitely ups the ambiance factor! I would for sure recommend you request a waterside table if possible!

Score: 10! It’s perfect! One of the coolest places in Disney!

Ambiance: The ambiance in here as I said above is amazing! Sitting on the water, watching the lanterns twinkling lights above, and the active volcano back in the background are awesome touches that San Angel will provide! If you are trying to see any part of Illuminations though, you want to eat early and head back outside because this is one of the few Epcot restaurants with no view of the fireworks. So know that going in!

Score: 9 Being separated from Epcot is a good and bad thing for the lacking view of Illuminations at night. (The loss of points is strictly for that, but as I said if you know that going in then that will not effect your experience at all!)


Birthday Dessert

Birthday Dessert with the staff behind Kyle singing some Feliz Cumpleanos!

Service: We had a good experience at the restaurant with our wait staff! I had told them in advance it was Kyle’s birthday and they were so friendly and even remembered to bring out a dessert at the end and sing Happy Birthday to Kyle! The drinks were flowing, the food was fast and perfect, and we felt very welcomed and taken care of. Nothing to complain about, but at the same time nothing to set it apart other than good service!

Score: 7

Menu Options:



One of the coolest menu options at San Angel is the drink menu! You can read a little history about San Angel which you’ll see dates back to 1692! Such a cool little thing! But we loved the margaritas here! They will never disappoint! Food wise, there are plenty of options! We eat mexican a lot, and you can’t do too many different things with Mexican food but as always Disney tries to make their menu a little different.

Score: 7.5

Food: When it came to our food, your meal starts with some complimentary chips and two different salsas. You will get a red and green version and both were good, tasted fresh but nothing to rave about. Good though. For appetizers it has been over a year and can’t quite remember what we had (but isn’t that all you need to know…remember it being good but nothing crazy). As for the entrees we got the Pollo A Las Rajas and the Tacos de Ribeye. The Pollo was very good but nothing spectacular the chorizo that accompanied it however was very good. As for the tacos de ribeye, they were excellente perfectly seasoned and very fresh! It was different then your local Mexican place down the street and we loved that!

Score: 6.5 The food was good, but not amazing.

Overall: 40/50

We loved this place! We would absolutely go back and do this experience all over again! The atmosphere and ambiance are the main draw for this restaurant so if you are looking for a dining experience than this is the place for you. One of our favorite dates we’ve had in Epcot! Go check it out for yourself and tell us what you think!

The pyramid in Mexico that houses San Angel Inn Restaurante

The pyramid in Mexico that houses San Angel Inn Restaurante


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