Disney Dining Review: Monsieur Paul

One of the absolute best things about the Disney World Resort is the variety and quality of the restaurants. When it comes to dining in Disney there are quite a few things to take into consideration. Atmosphere (how well themed is the restaurant), Ambiance (location and overall feel), Service, Menu Options, and of course the food. In our Disney Dining Reviews we are going to explain our experience and rate each one of these categories on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best 1 being the worst. I’m also going to be pretty harsh in my critiquing because Disney has such a high standard, so remember 10/10 is a major wow!

With our first “DDR” we will review Monsieur Paul at Epcot.


Stair case leading up to Monsieur Paul's dining room

Stair case leading up to Monsieur Paul’s dining room

As soon as you walked in you experienced the best part of the restaurant, the staircase leading to the dining room with pictures of world-renowned Chef Paul Bocuse lining the walls leading up. The atmosphere of the restaurant was very high-class as one would expect from a French restaurant, and every cast member had a French accent which only added to the French atmosphere. The restaurant itself was elegant but a little plain compared to what we were expecting and the tables were bunched extremely close together.

Score: 6.5


Not a great picture but the view of Illuminations was incredible! 10 out of 10!!!

Not a great picture but the view of Illuminations was incredible! 10 out of 10!!!

Now ambiance may seem the same as atmosphere to some but I put them separate because a restaurant with a view of wishes or Illuminations just gives a boost to a restaurant that has nothing to do with theme or the staff. In this case we got a seat near a window during Illuminations and must say it was absolutely incredible. I did also love that they did not put on the Illuminations music during the fireworks so we could eat our meal and watch the fireworks but not be overly consumed by the show. Also walking up and leaving the restaurant in the France pavilion made it feel so much more authentic and added quite a bit to the experience (especially when we left and the pavilion was completely empty but the lights were still on and the music still playing…awesome experience).

Score: 10


As always at Disney I was expecting World Class service but have to admit the staff here was not as great as we were hoping. When we arrived we had trouble getting our table despite having the reservations weeks in advance and there seemed to be a bit of a language barrier (which actually was pretty cool and authentic but was a frustrating start to the experience). After we did finally get to our table we met our waiter, he gave us great advice on what to try on the menu and what the restaurant was known for. He did however take forever getting our food out (well over 2 hours).

Score: 6

Menu Options

There wasn’t a wide variety of options but all of the options were amazing. For me having menu options means am I having trouble picking what I want because it all sounds so good. Monsieur Paul absolutely had that going for it but I can see where some less adventurous people would struggle finding options for themselves, which is why I’ll drop a couple of points off.

Score: 7


The food was to die for. We started with the escargot and ahi tuna and both were incredible. The Ahi

Ive never seen escargot served like this but it was to die for

I’ve never seen escargot served like this but it was to die for

Tuna was extremely fresh and melted in your mouth but the escargot was unreal. I have never had escargot served the way it was and it really made for a great experience. It was served in a bowl of cream of parsley instead of wrapped in individual pastries and it was a very different way to enjoy escargot that I will never forget. For entrees we got the Magret de Canard (Duck Breast) and Filet de Boeuf grille forestier (Beef Tenderloin) and both were better than we expected even for their 40+ price tag. The duck was very tender and had an amazing flavor but I have to admit all I really remember is how good the beef was. It had a mushroom crust on the top and was one of the most tender melt in your mouth steak I have ever had. If you got to Monsieur Paul make sure somebody gets the beef! Finally for desert we tried the Le Moelleux and it was very good but we really wish we saved room to try more of the deserts or wish they had an option for small samples of a few.

Score: 9.5

One of the best steaks I have ever had in my life!

One of the best steaks I have ever had in my life!

Monsieur Paul is an often overlooked restaurant with amazing food and in one of the best locations in all of Walt Disney World. The only things holding back was the atmosphere of the dining room being a little plain and the service being a slow but honestly I am being very critical so do not let that keep you away from trying this place out when you’re looking to use those 2 signature credits.

Overall: 39/50

The France Pavilion after park close

The France Pavilion after Epcot closed!

Thank you for reading and please share your opinion of Monsieur Paul, what do you like and/or dislike?!

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