2014 Flower & Garden Outdoor Kitchen Reviews (Part 2)

In part 1 of our Flower & Garden Outdoor Kitchen Reviews we covered the food and drinks exclusive to the Flower & Garden Festival from France to Italy. In Part 2 we are going to complete our journey around World Showcase. So to pick up where we left off we have to head over to Florida Fresh just outside of Germany.

Florida Fresh



At Florida Fresh we tried the Watermelon Salad, Shrimp and Stone-Ground Grits, Hurricane Class 5 Sangria, and the Florida Avenue Blueberry.


Florida Avenue Blueberry at Florida Fresh

Florida Avenue Blueberry

Kyle: Very refreshing beer and was a perfect pairing with the lighter foods around the festival. Very light blueberry taste not overpowering which I loved. Far and away the best spring time beer at the festival for me. Perfect to have on a hot Florida day and paired great with the Watermelon Salad!


Hurricane Class 5 Sangria!!! One of our favorites!!!!

Hurricane Class 5 Sangria

Kyle: Far and away my favorite sangria at the festival and living so close to St. Pete I really want to go track this place down and buy as many bottles as I can it is that good. And its only 3.25! Great refreshing sangria but not overpoweringly sweet like many of the others around World Showcase during Flower and Garden. So good that we bought a lot more than just the one glass!

Victoria: Haha! A LOT more than one glass! I think I was buying this Sangria 2 at a time every time! I love this Sangria so much! It is delicious!! So obviously we both think you definitely NEED to try this!


Watermelon Salad at Florida Fresh…there are huge chunks of fresh watermelon at the bottom of that salad that are hard to see in the picture

Watermelon Salad

Kyle: Very refreshing (I know seems to be a theme here at Florida Fresh). There are bits of feta cheese sprinkled around the salad that made it tasty to me. The saltiness of the cheese mixed with the sweet watermelon was a really interesting combination and it worked!

Victoria: I loved this salad as well! I wanted to go back to Florida Fresh the next day just to get it for lunch! It was a different way to incorporate a fruit into a salad, usually salads have strawberries but this had watermelon, I really liked the difference!


Shrimp and Grits and Florida Fresh…Grits were to die for shrimp not so much

Shrimp and Stone-Ground Grits

Kyle: The grits were really flavorful and the fresh corn, cilantro and tomato thrown in really added to the flavor. The sausage added just enough salty goodness to the grits as well. But the shrimp were AWFUL, maybe I am spoiled with good shrimp living close to the ocean but these shrimp were not very fresh at all and had almost zero flavor. Take away the shrimp and it’s one of my favorites but as is one of the more disappointing food items.

Victoria: We were so excited to try this dish, but were pretty disappointed. The shrimp should have made this dish great, but instead was the blandish part of the dish. The grits and sausage were so good though! We picked around the shrimp toward the end which made us like it much more!

Lotus House (China)


At the Lotus House we tried the Spring Pancake, Vegetable Spring Rolls, and the Kung Fu Punch.


Vegetable Spring Rolls at Lotus House and the delicious sauce to boot 🙂

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Kyle: Just your average spring roll nothing too special here but the sauce on the side was amazing, if you can ask for extra sauce and dip everything you eat in it!

Victoria: Totally agree with Kyle! The spring roll was pretty good, but nothing special, until you dip it in the sauce! YUM! I was just dipping my finger in the sauce and licking it off! Haha!


Spring Pancake at Lotus House!

Spring Pancake

Kyle: Loved the combination of green apple and chicken but the chicken was a little too seasoned. Was very salty and took over the dish. I ended up dipping this in the yummy spring roll sauce just to tone down the taste of the chicken. Not bad but could have been better with less seasoning.


Kung Fu Punch at Lotus House was very refreshing

Kung Fu Punch

Kyle: Very refreshing drink that makes you almost feel like you aren’t even drinking alcohol so beware. Mixture of Mango and Orange juice spiked with vodka and triple sec. You could taste the vodka but it really just enhanced the sweet fruity flavors even more.

Victoria: I loved all these fruity drinks! This one was sweet, refreshing, and yummy!

Jardin De Fiestas (Mexico)



At Jardin De Fiestas we tried the Taco al Pastor, Frambuesa Margarita, and as with any trip to Epcot a tequila flight.


Taco al Pastor at Jardin de Fiestas with a nice bite taken out of it

Taco al Pastor

Kyle: Good but not fantastic. The meat was pretty dry but the flavor was delicious. I love the corn tortilla as well but if the meat had been a little more tender it would have put this dish over the edge to one of my favorites but as is just ok.

Victoria: I really liked the Taco, but a little about me, I love all Mexican food!!! I agree the meat could have been a little more tender but I still really enjoyed it and would have gone back to get it again!


Frambuesa “Raspberry” Margarita

Frambuesa Margarita

Kyle: Overall a decent margarita but a little to sweet for my taste. we ended up drinking this thing down really quickly so we could walk in to La Cava De Tequila for a real Margarita! Nice little drink to walk around with but if you are in Mexico and want a Margarita the Frambuesa wouldn’t be my first choice.

Victoria: Just like my love for Mexican food I love margaritas! This one, not so much… It was way to sweet and almost didn’t taste like a Margarita. I was much happier when we went in La Cava De Tequila and I got a real Margarita! So if you want a Margarita, go inside and spend the couple extrea dollars on an AMAZING La Cava Marg!

Urban Farm Eats



At Urban Farm Eats we only tried the Ghost Pepper-Dusted Tilapia.


One of if not our absolute favorite dish at Flower and Garden Ghost Pepper Tilapia

Ghost Pepper-Dusted Tilapia

Kyle: My favorite dish at Flower and Garden this year. The tilapia was so fresh and tender and the ghost pepper on top gave it a nice spicy kick that I loved. But what really put this over the edge for me was the melon slaw underneath that cooled off the spicy kick. I am a man who LOVES spicy but the melon salad really was different and brought out the flavors of the fish itself. Loved this dish!!! Must try

Victoria: THE BEST DISH AT THE FESTIVAL! I cannot say enough how good this was! The flavors mixed perfectly and I wish I could get this dish somewhere in Epcot all the time!

Pineapple Promenade





At Pineapple Promenade we tried the dole whip with coconut rum and with dark rum.

Dole Whip with Coconut Rum YUMMMMM

Dole Whip with Coconut Rum YUMMMMM

Dole Whip with Coconut Rum

Kyle: As good as a Dole Whip by itself is, guess what it gets better…a lot better! The Dole Whip with coconut rum is to die for just as it was the year before. The rum and pineapple soft serve are a match made in heaven and the perfect way to cool off with a tasty soft serve treat.

Victoria: I love this! I wish I could drink more than one but the Dole Whip itself fills you up! This is perfect to grab and have as dessert while you watch Illuminations! This is another thing I think Epcot should definitely sell all the time because I know I would buy it every time!

Dole Whip with Dark Rum...yuck

Dole Whip with Dark Rum…yuck

Dole Whip with Dark Rum

Kyle: The Dole Whip with Dark Rum was realllllly tough to finish. The rum absolutely overpowered the Dole Whip and I didn’t find them to be a good combination at all. Being the trooper I am not wanting the rum or dole whip to go to waste I finished it but the Coconut Rum was much better.

Victoria: I only had one bite of this one, because like Kyle said, it was rough! So strong and they didn’t even go well together so if I were you I would definitely get the coconut rum!

Buttercup Cottage (UK)



At Buttercup Cottage we only tried the Pork and Apple Sausage Roll. It was our last stop and we were quite full!


Pork Apple Sausage Roll at Buttercup Cottage was certainly different but pretty good

Pork Apple Sausage Roll

Kyle: First off let me say that I couldn’t stand the Piccadilli, but that is only because green beans are one of the few things I don’t like so not the dishes fault there. However, the pork apple sausage roll was very interesting. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked it but each bite grew on me more. Very different flavors and the crispy texture was amazing. Absolutely worth a try.

Thank you for reading and be sure to share your experiences at Flower and Garden as well as your opinion on the food we reviewed as well as the many items that we eft off. What were your favorite food and drinks? Also check out Part 1 of our Flower and Garden Outdoor Kitchen Reviews.

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