Festival of Fantasy Parade Review

The Festival of Fantasy Parade is the new 3 o’clock parade at the Magic Kingdom. Festival of Fantasy has replaced the Celebrate a Dream Come True parade which began January 23rd, 2009.

The parade as a whole is very upbeat and the music is extremely catchy…good luck getting it out of your head! (Away we go! It’s a Festival of Fantasy!)

The first float you see in the parade is long, gold, and white covered in flowers. This float features; Belle and the Beast, Cinderella & Prince Charming, Princess Tiana & Prince Naveen, but the headliner for this float is Princess Anna and Queen Elsa along with everyone’s favorite snowman Olaf. The float itself is very similar to what you would expect very colorful and filled with princesses, however Anna and Elsa should have their own platform and not have to share a moving portion with Tiana.


Join the Celebration with Beauty and the Beast!


Easily the biggest roar from the crowd…unfortunately they only have half of the back portion of the float



Next up is the Tangled float. This float is a wooden ship with 3 axes swinging back and forth. There is a wanted poster with Flynn Rider’s face on it and Rapunzel is standing underneath it at the front of the ship. On the middle swinging axe is Flynn Rider swinging away from the other two bounty hunters. Flynn undoubtedly steals the show on this fun float. Probably the best “float” in the parade, the movement is really fun and builds energy for the rest of the parade.


Flynn Rider swinging back and forth to avoid the bounty hunters

The Little Mermaid float is small but Ariel is a fan favorite sitting atop her seashell throne. The street performers for this float are among the best in the whole parade as well, ver colorful and tons of energy. The float itself isn’t spectacular, but the street performers remind me of the ones you will see in Finding Nemo the Musical, great energy and amazing color.


The color in this section of the parade is stunning

The first thing you will notice about the Peter Pan float is its enormous height. Pan and Wendy are riding in the ship with firing cannons on top of the rainbow, while Captain Hook rides the anchor beneath it and Tink sits on the back of the float at the bottom of rainbow. The cannons firing is an unexpected effect that adds a ton of excitement. A very large Tick-Tock Croc follows behind the main float as well. The Peter Pan float is amazing, definitely one of the best in the parade due in part to its incredible height.


Pan’s float is easily the tallest of them all

Merida is up next and she comes in on a large bag pipe. The float itself is pretty small and not that exciting. Much like The Little Mermaid the show stoppers for the Brave section are the Scottish dancers in front of the float, they do a great job of building energy and excitement.


Merida greeting all her fans atop a giant bagpipe

The dark section of the parade features a giant fire-breathing Maleficent dragon. The dragon is escorted by some very spooky characters, while he blows smoke from his nose and mouth, as well as breathes real fire! This is an absolute must see, you will hear gasps from the crowd when the dragon is seen for the first time and breathes fire. The walking henchmen are something to see as well make sure you take your eyes off of the dragon for at least a few seconds to check these guys out! Easily the headline draw for the parade.


He looks like he may pack a punch!


Yep, it literally is a fire-breathing dragon!!


Just look at the size!

The second to last float is very long and festive, featuring several characters; Pinocchio, Donald & Daisy Duck, Dumbo, and Pluto. Walking in front of the float is Jiminy Cricket, Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs and behind the float is Goofy, Chip, and Dale. You will find most of the audience either interacting with the walking characters or still looking back to see if the Maleficent dragon will breathe fire again. Overall the float is very festive and a fun way to see a lot of very popular characters quickly but nothing more.


The front half of the Dumbo themed float featuring Pinocchio


Say hello to Donald and Daisy

Finally the last float is a hot air balloon tied to the dancing hippos featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The finale is actually rather underwhelming, but to be fair it is hard to follow the Maleficent dragon.


Mickey and Minnie concluding the parade!

The music in the parade is very fun and energetic, but the best part is that it changes with the floats you are seeing. Think the music is the best I’ve heard in an afternoon Disney parade.

The Festival of Fantasy Parade is a GREAT addition to Magic Kingdom and is a must see for Disney fans everywhere.

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