Why Disney World Isn’t Just For Kids

Disney is much more than just a bus load of characters

Disney is much more than just a bus load of characters

There is a common misconception about Walt Disney World that just drives me nuts. So many adults seem to think that Walt Disney World is just for people with kids (and mainly young kids at that). People seem to think that all the Walt Disney World resort is made up of is walking Mickey characters and “kiddie attractions.” If you go to Disney World you can’t have a good meal, you are just going to be filled up with hamburgers, hot dogs, and french fries. I want to have a few drinks, let loose, and go wild, but you can’t do that at Disney. Oh how these statements couldn’t be more wrong. In this post I’m going to explain why, if you are an adult who doesn’t have children, just why Disney World should be your next vacation destination.

Let’s start with one of the most important things for adults going on vacation without children, the

Enjoying a Margarita inside of the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot

Enjoying a Margarita inside of the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot

nightlife. Disney World is home to some of the best nightlife around. Want to drink tequila under a Mexican night sky next to a volcano and a Mayan ruin? Head on over to La Cava de Tequila inside of Epcot’s Mexico pavilion and you can do just that! La Cava de Tequila is the perfect place inside the parks to go have a few drinks and let loose a little before heading over to Test Track and challenging your date to see who can build a better car! Or maybe Mexico is just your first stop as you literally eat and drink your way around the world! Want a night outside of the parks? Head to Downtown Disney and have your pick of several fun places to go. Head over to Splitsville and enjoy some drinks while you get in a few games of bowling or hop on over to Raglan Road and listen to some live Irish music, where it feels like St. Patricks Day everyday. Want to go to Vegas so you can see Cirque du Soleil? Well guess what, you can see Cirque du Soleil in Downtown Disney! Finally we can head on over to my personal favorite place for a night on the town, and that’s Disney’s Boardwalk. Whether you feel like singing karaoke or dancing, the Boardwalk is the place to be for a fun night out. You can catch the big game over at ESPN Club on nearly 100 TVs and there are even live ESPNRadio productions from the ESPN Club several times a year. Big River Brewing Works offers guests a wide variety of house made beers, and I suggest trying them all in the sampler! You can dance the night away at the Atlantic City Dance Hall or eat sushi and sing karaoke at Kimonos over at the Swan hotel. Finally the grand daddy of them all when it comes to a fun night at Disney World…Jelly Rolls. Jelly Rolls is a dueling piano bar with a great atmosphere, that is sure to strike a cord with people of all tastes in music.

So now you know you can have a fun night out at Disney World, but what about the food? Disney World

Check out those Scallops and Rose and Crown...and I couldn't help but take a bit of the "Scotch Eggs" before taking a picture (I mean c'mon they're fried hard boiled eggs wraped in sausage!)

Check out those Scallops and Rose and Crown in Epcot…and I couldn’t help but take a bit of the “Scotch Eggs” before taking a picture (I mean c’mon they’re fried hard boiled eggs wraped in sausage!) Oh and P.S we had an outside view of Illuminations!

is home to some of the best restaurants in the entire world and they have anything you could ever want. If you are in the mood for a steak, Yachtsman’s Steakhouse has got you covered for one of the best Steaks you’ve ever had. Want atmosphere? Try dining on top of the Contemporary Resort overlooking the Magic Kingdom at California Grill (not to mention great food to go with the atmosphere). Flying Fish is home to some of the best Seafood you could ever want, and Jiko “The Cooking Place” at Animal Kingdom Lodge will give you a blast of flavors straight from Africa. For the best dining experience in all of Florida head over to Victoria & Albert’s at The Grand Floridian, this restaurant has won the AAA 5 diamond award every year since 2000 (the only restaurant in Florida to even come close to doing this).

So now that you know you can have a fun night out and get an amazing meal,

View from the rooms in Bay Lake Tower...not too shabby huh?

View from our room in Bay Lake Tower…not too shabby huh?

but where are you going to stay? Walt Disney World is home to some of the most elaborately themed resort hotels in the world. For instance you can stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and literally sit on your porch and watch a Giraffe just do his thing. You can stay at the Yacht & Beach Club and have a sand bottomed pool that is the size of a water park at your disposal. Head on over to Bay Lake Tower and watch Magic Kingdom’s Wishes firework show from your balcony. Everywhere you stay you are going to be pampered and treated like a prince and princess. The cast members at Walt Disney World make your experience truly magical and they are second to none.

I’m just going to brush the surface of the most obvious reason to come to Disney World…the parks. As you all know Disney World is home to four of the

I think you can tell there is some serious thrills in Walt Disney World (As for my face well that's just fear lol)

I think you can tell there is some serious thrills in Walt Disney World (As for my face well that’s just fear lol)

best theme parks on Earth; Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and of course Magic Kingdom. So what is there to do for adults without kids? Tons! All of these parks offer thrills and adventure like you can’t experience anywhere else. If you are a thrill seeker head on over to Animal Kingdom and face the mysterious Yeti at Expedition Everest. This attraction takes you up into a the forbidden mountain where you reach speeds of 50 mph, drop 80 ft, and even go backwards! If that isn’t enough for you then why don’t you head on over to the most thrilling blvd in Walt Disney World, Sunset Blvd. At the end of Sunset Blvd in Disney’s Hollywood Studios lies two adrenaline packed monsters; Tower of Terror and Rock N’ Roller Coaster. Rock N’ Roller coaster blasts you off from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds into a dark loop, where you will twist, turn, and flip your way past a neon lit LA freeway. Over at Tower of Terror you board a maintenance service elevator that has a mind of its own dropping you 13 stories directly into the Twilight Zone. At Epcot you can hang-glide over California at Soarin, feel what it’s like to test and design a new car at Test Track, or even feel what NASA astronauts feel when they blast off into space at Mission Space. Finally at Magic Kingdom you can plummet 52 feet into the Briar Patch with Brer Rabbit at Splash Mountain, ride an out of control mine train around the wild west at Big Thunder Mountain, or blast off in to space at Space Mountain in Tomorrowland.

I have still just barely brushed the surface of what there is to do at Walt Disney World for adults. If there

That's right you can drive a Lamborghini at Disney World!!

That’s right you can drive a Lamborghini at Disney World!!

is something special you want to do on your vacation, chance are Disney offers it. I did not even touch on all of the golf courses there are to play, renting a yacht, or even driving a Lamborghini around a race track! So next time you are planning a trip without kids don’t overlook Disney World, you may find there is more to do than you could have ever dreamed!

By: Kyle Newton

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Some photos courtesy of the Walt Disney Company

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