Victoria’s 10 Must-Do Attractions at Walt Disney World

So for my first post on our new blog I wanted to start with a post of my favorite attractions I think are Must Do’s at Disney! Kyle and I have very different taste so we always end up doing a wide array of attractions during every visit! I have always been a thrill seeking type, but my inner child definitely takes the reigns every time we are at Disney! So lets get right to it and start the countdown!

#10 Must-Do at Walt Disney World

Philar Magic, Magic Kingdom

Philar Magic is an amazing 4D show that brings me back to all of my childhood favorites! The show starts with Maestro Mickey and the living orchestra about to start the show, but everything goes awry when Donald Duck takes Mickey’s hat that keeps the orchestra in control, and they spiral into all of our favorite Disney musical scenes! Singing along with The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Peter Pan, and Beauty and the Beast is the perfect thing to get anyone feeling that magical feeling that only Disney can bring! And I have to say, the smell of the apple pie during the Beauty and the Beast scene makes my mouth water every single time!

#9 Must-Do at Walt Disney World

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, Magic Kingdom
The day I was the Galactic Hero on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

The day I was the Galactic Hero on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

To Infinity and Beyond! Buzz is a perfect ride for every age! Kyle and I ride Buzz every trip to Disney, and then the loser buys the Dole Whip! Buzz is a slow moving ride that takes you on a mission to help Buzz beat the evil Emperor Zurg! On this ride you fire you laser cannon at all the “Z’s” around the rooms, and let me tell you if you are competitive like Kyle and I, this is for you! I did get a perfect score once, and if you are lucky enough to do so too you can get an “I’m Celebrating” pin and celebrate being the Galactic Hero for the day! Also don’t forget to keep your game face on the whole time, because at the end it even snaps a picture!

#8 Must-Do at Walt Disney World

Jungle Cruise, Magic Kingdom

If you love corny Disney jokes, and are dying to tour Africa, Asia, and South America all while staying in the Magic Kingdom head over to Jungle Cruise! The main reason I love the Jungle Cruise is the Skipper’s are stock full of AMAZING jokes! You get to see some of the amazing Disney animatronic animals, waterfalls, and caves full of artifacts and animals! Also *FUN FACT* the plane that you see while riding the Jungle Cruise is half of a plane, the other half is over on the Great Movie Ride so if you’re over in Hollywood Studios go to the Great Movie Ride and see the other half!!

#7 Must-Do at Walt Disney World

Rock N’ Rollercoaster, Hollywood Studios
Rock N' Rollercoaster, Rockin' out to the Aerosmith concert!

Rock N’ Rollercoaster, Rockin’ out to the Aerosmith concert!

So as I said I definitely am a thrill seeker, so I do love the roller coasters and this one is the biggest thrill in Disney! For big kids only, head over to Hollywood Studios and take a very speedy ride with Aerosmith on your “super stretch limo” to get to the concert! First you enter the studio where Aerosmith is recording and they tell you to hurry up across town to make it to the show! So you go into the “back alley” where you see the “limo” you’ll be riding and the first time you see the coaster take off your heart will for sure skip a beat! Don’t get discouraged! I promise this coaster is so unique and fun and the take off is what makes it so great!

#6 Must-Do at Walt Disney World

Test Track, Epcot

If you haven’t ridden this ride since they reopened and redesigned it, it is amazing! The Imagineer’s really hit it out of the park with this one. You get to be the engineer, designer, and creator of your vehicle to take on the test track! Making your car you choose the color, the style, the tires, the engine, everything! So no matter how many times you go on this ride you can design a different vehicle every time and see your final score and how you match up with all the other cars for the day! The speed track outside is a blast and it’s another Disney attraction to keep on smiling because they snap a picture while you are zipping around on the outdoor speed portion!

#5 Must-Do at Walt Disney World

Expedition Everest, Animal Kingdom

My other favorite Disney coaster, this one is a Must Do not only for the ride itself, but the queue where you wait, has some awesome stuff to look at while you wait! If you aren’t a Yeti believer, looking at all the different things in that line will definitely get you thinking about it! Once you head onto the coaster you also are going to have an awesome ride! One thing I love about this coaster is the smoothness of the ride. Also be prepared for anything, because halfway through the ride the Yeti may or may not have messed up the tracks!! Great ride for the big kids in Disney! You will love it!

#4 Must-Do at Walt Disney World

Kilimanjaro Safari, Animal Kingdom
Kilimanjaro Safari Giraffe's are always so close to the truck!

Kilimanjaro Safari Giraffe’s are always so close to the truck!

For adults, children, and all animal lovers this ride is AMAZING! I did not think you could feel so realistically transported to a safari.  In this attraction you are taking on a ride through a real African Safari where you see lions, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, rhinos, elephants, crocodiles and so many more! Your tour guide is full of awesome facts about the animals you will see and the best part; the animals are REAL so every ride is different! One ride last year a giraffe parked himself on the road for the trucks so we sat for like 10 minutes just watching him because the animals are definitely in control! Such a cool thing that you can only experience at Disney! Being 5 feet away from a free roaming giraffe is something you will never forget!

#3 Must-Do at Walt Disney World

Splash Mountain, Magic Kingdom
Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain

The only Mountain of the Magic Kingdom Mountains to make it to my list! Splash Mountain is my favorite because it is a ride that builds up and keeps getting better and better til the end! This ride isn’t only for thrill seekers though the songs are great and will be stuck in your head all day! And pretty much any day in the Florida heat will make this ride the perfect ride to cool off! Another *FUN FACT* while inside the dark cave portion of the ride there is a gopher that will pop down from the ceiling and yell GO FSU! (Florida State University) From what I heard one of the ride designers graduated from Florida State University and put it in there in the design of the ride! So be on the look out for that!

#2 Must-Do at Walt Disney World

Soarin’, Epcot

Ok for someone who has never been to California like me, Soarin’ is the coolest thing and really makes me feel like I’ve experienced California! The basis is that you are soaring on a hang-glider all over California! You soar over wine country, the Golden Gate, surfers where you will smell the fresh salt-water air, Los Angeles and Hollywood, and so much more! You may even get a surprise Disney perfect ending to your hang-gliding trip! The reason it is so high on my list is because there really is nothing like this ride. It’s an attraction unlike any other that you have to experience for yourself!

#1 Must-Do at Walt Disney World

Toy Story Mania, Hollywood Studios
Toy Story Mania queue area,

Toy Story Mania queue area

My favorite ride in all of Walt Disney World, Toy Story Mania! Toy Story Mania is similar to Buzz Lightyear but the technology of this ride is so improved from Buzz and so cool! It’s another ride Kyle and I love because we love to compete with each other! Different than Buzz, Toy Story Mania has an arcade feeling where you are playing different arcade games like shooting balloons, throwing rings, and shooting darts all through the same gun! You get to see all your favorite Toy Story characters in this ride like Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye and more! As if all of that wasn’t enough to convince you to head over to Hollywood Studios to ride this ride, the queue is awesome! When you walk through the doors you shrink down to a toy and are surrounded by all the toys and games we all grew up with as children! There’s Candyland on the walls, Chutes and Ladders on the ceiling, doodles and drawings on everything and a bunch of cute little toys and things you will notice as you stand in the line waiting!

Let us know your favorite rides! And connect with me on Twitter @thewdwblog

3 thoughts on “Victoria’s 10 Must-Do Attractions at Walt Disney World

    • haha thanks for looking and reading!! Haunted Mansion is a good one! It definitely is in the top 15! 😉 haha I love those hitch hiking ghosts!

    • I know I couldn’t keep Haunted Mansion off of my list it is too classic! But I also didn’t have Toy Story on mine and she has it number 1 so that’s what I love about Disney World! There is so much to do and everyone is so different! 😀

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